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The Best Alternative
of Jailbreak and AppStore.

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AppWeleux is a third party store created exclusively for iOS compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad, from iOS 1O to 14 beta.

AppWeleux works for those who are jailbroken, and also for those who are not jailbroken.

Our app library is always growing, our team is always adding new apps.Our library is decided by the users, not us.

Enhanced apps, hacked apps, emulators, games, jailbreak and more!

Dark Mode

We implemented Dark Mode so you can use it not only on iOS 13, but also from iOS 10 onwards.

So you can choose to use the dark mode version whenever you want and when you no longer want it you can always switch to light mode.


The AppWeleux app is divided into 5 sections.

1. Today

2. AppStore

3. Social Media

4. Jailbreak

5. Games


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